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              Industrial Special Gas Cylinders

              Technical Data

              NETC treats cylinder internal surface with proprietary technology, to fill ppm or ppb level calibration gases, electronic gases, ultra-high purity gases others.

              Recommended gases as follows: 

              CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, VOCs, BTEX, H2S, COS, CH3OH, CH4S, C2H6S2, SO2, NH3, HCHO, HCl, PH3, PH3+H2/N2, AsH3, AsH3+H2, B2H6, GeH4, H2Se, etc.

              •Cylinders can be manufactured in accordance with international stards to meet customer requirements.

              •Thread, fittings & valves or cylinder color upon request.

              •For more specifications or other requirements please Contact us.

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